St Thomas' Church Philadelphia

Forge Youth

The vision for the youth work here at Forge is to enable teenagers to have a real relationship with Jesus. We believe that the best way for this to happen is for them to belong to a thriving Jesus-focussed community that isn't too big for them to get lost in.
Because of this we plant multiple communities all over Sheffield either with local churches or start one from scratch. These communities get together every so often for a big celebration or an event but the most important part of Forge is that the magic happens out and around Sheffield in the communities!
We seek to disciple young people to grow into deeper relationships with God and each other and to equip and release them to let Jesus impact their lives in the real world.
We do this by maintaining a balance in our lives between time focused upwards to God, time focused inwards towards each other and time focused outwards towards our friends and the world that we live in. 
We believe that teenagers can make a difference in the world by impacting the people they meet and affecting the world around them, leaving it changed by the love of God.
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Revolution Cafe Church

Revolution is a City Centre church led by teenagers, for their community and their friends. Every week we meet together to catch up, meet with God, look at his word and encourage each other in whatever we're going for.
It is always loads of fun and a great place to make friends and encounter God, why not come along?
We want Revolution to be welcoming and accessible for any teenager no matter what they believe, therefore we hold it in a Cafe - where anyone can feel at home, and have it in the city centre - so anyone can get there easily!

Join us at Costa Coffe by the Peace Gardens at 4:30pm

Revolution Cell Groups

Revolution also meets in Cell groups through the week. This is an opportunity for teenagers to get together and explore their faith a little deeper. They are where the majority of the discipleship takes place and allow people to really be themselves in a safe environment.

Revolution Road Trips

At Revo we're all about the road trips, we love getting together and going on adventures! in the past we have been to the zoo, to the seaside, to Alton Towers, to Taybarns and many other places. Road trips are a great chance to get to know each other better and have a good laugh, watch this space for the next one...