St Thomas' Church Philadelphia

St Thomas' Church is themother church of The Order of Mission (TOM), a global community of pioneering leaders who follow Jesus.  Under God, we have committed ourselves to each other for the purpose of taking the good news of Jesus to the nations.

We live in days of great upheaval. The world is changing faster than the church. This often leaves us feeling disoriented and unsure of how to communicate the Gospel.  TOM is a pioneering movement born out of a desire to fully give ourselves to making disciples of Jesus in this fast changing world.  We stand in the tradition of the missionary communities of the past who lived as radical, pioneering pilgrims called to influence, serve and shape society and the church in their time:  the Celtic monks and nuns who first re-evangelised these nations, the Methodists and the Salvation Army who called a people back to God in their days, the Protestant missionary societies who re-discovered global mission in the nineteenth century.
The Order of Mission is a dispersed community of pioneers, people called to lead and influence within whatever context and culture they live and work: cities and rural areas, developed and developing countries, business, education, arts, health and social care, public and private sector, family and church.  We are a people who have committed ourselves to the vows of simplicity, purity and accountability.  We take ‘Lifeshapes’ as our rule or pattern of life and seek to journey together, encouraging and challenging each other, as we follow God’s call on our lives.
For more information you can visit The Order of Mission website by clicking here