St Thomas' Church Philadelphia


Students are a massive part of the St Thomas Philadelphia family. We are blessed with an amazing student community that brings a vibrancy to our church and we consider it a massive privilege to be able to help students grow and discover their God-given identity.

The students are an integral part of the young adult work at Philadelphia and they also are a massive blessing serving in the different areas of our church where we are looking to call our city back to God. You most probably have seen them at the morning and evening gatherings, they also have loads of other stuff going on. If you want to get a flavour of what goes on with the students then check out the website at

As a student family our vision ties in with the vision for the young adults and that of the church. Our Vision is:

  • To be a family of students who see revival and transformation by calling our Universities back to God.

We are very excited about what God is doing here in Sheffield and we can’t wait to see our universities called back to God. If you have any questions or would like to meet up please don’t hesitate to contact our Student leader Pete Gaunt at