St Thomas' Church Philadelphia

Our Communities

We hope that you will find a place of belonging in one of our communities. Browse the list of communities below then contact us with with details of the one you would like to try. Click here to contact us.


We want to create a place of belonging for those who are going through hard times and dealing with issues in their lives, and who want friendship and support while they do so.

Abiding is led by Andrea Gibbons.

The Abbey

The Abbey takes inspiration from monastic communities that have come before us; learning from their purpose, their rhythms of life and their values.

The Abbey is led by Nathan and Sarah Cooper, Pete Holt, Jo Dring, and Ian and Wendy Mitchell.


We want to be a radical community of disciples of Jesus Christ; living in the power of the Holy Spirit and celebrating the love and joy of our Heavenly Father in our everyday lives. We have a strong family focus.

Acts is led by Trish & Joel Elliston and is based in Hillsborough.


Our vision is to welcome everyone!! We love new people to join us even if it’s for a short time while they work out what community they want to go to.

We meet midweek in pod and on a Sunday night after church in the pub all together.

Agape is a young adult community led by Dan Brennan 


A group of 30-something professionals who meet weekly to help each other grow in our relationship with God, to build community with each other and to support each other to live the Christian life in our workplaces, communities and families.

Amigos is led by Rachel & Quentin Rook-Williams and is based in Hillsborough.



As a family we want to fall more in love with Jesus as we serve one another and love the lost in this city, seeking Gods kingdom on earth.

We meet together Thursday evenings..

Awaken is a young adult community led by Anna Ruddick and Naomi Godwin



The aim of 'Belong' is to welcome people, disciple each other, pray, prophesy and have fun! We meet every 2 weeks to eat together and use the model of Up In and Out e.g worship, socials and outreach.

Belong is led by Rachel & Andy Marshall and is based in S10.

City HOTS (Healing on the Streets)

City HOTS want to help everyday people come into a  personal relationship with God via ‘Healing On The Streets’ (HOTS) in Sheffield City Centre.

City HOTS is led by Roger & Linda Stone and is based in Grenoside andthe City Centre.


We are a group of adults who work in different sectors across the city, and who live in the west of Sheffield. We support each other as we show Jesus to those around us. We are also passionate about social justice issues.  

Led by Nicola & Jonathan Le Vallois and is based in Crookes.


Crux is a group committed to being family, being real, being Christ to our friends and neighbours in Lydgate and Crosspool.

Crux is led by Brian & Amanda Gooch and is based in Lydgate & Crosspool.


We are involved in various ministries/mission, primarily focused around Prayer Ministry and work with vulnerable people or the poor. We meet regularly on Wednesday nights to share life, and to support and encourage each other.  

Led by Steve & Di Lee and based in Crookes.


DNA  meet in various homes as a mixed group of people of all ages.  Our aim is to love, encourage, challenge and support each other in our walk with God and to be a group where people feel they belong.  

DNA is led by Di Harrison & Ann Collins.


Identity, intimacy (with Jesus) and intentional relationships (family). We are journeying together to new depths, seeking Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us.

We meet together every Tuesday.

Drive is a student community led by Chloe Basson and Sean Grant.


Plunge into his promises and EMERGE transformed. We are a community of people putting God’s word into action, being the hands and feet of Jesus and telling others how much the Father loves them, especially focused in Barnsley. 

Emerge is led by Harry & Marie Sampson and meets in Barnsley.


Encounter is a community of different ages that is learning how to be a family on mission together. We want to encounter God and each other in a significant way each time we meet.

Encounter meets every Tuesday evening and for breakfast on fourth Sundays and second Saturdays.

Encounter is led by Tchad & Andrea Western and Rick & Jenny Buckley and meets in Crookes


Having fun as we adventure with God as a family together.

We meet together every Wednesday. 

Fardons is a student community led by Nikki Maiden and Tom Endersby.

Farsi Speaking Community

A community for Farsi speakers based in Sheffield.  

The Farsi Community is led by Karim & Azam Novi and meets across the city.

Home From Home

We are an international community aiming to support each other as a family. We do this through prayer, bible study, sharing meals together and with destitute asylum seekers.

Home from Home is led by Chris & Susan Yap.



Our hope is for each member to discover their full identity in God and for that to impact our daily lives. We are a place where anyone can explore faith in a safe and friendly environment. We meet fortnightly in Walkley Library from 10:30am. We also have two small groups that run during the week.

Household is based in Walkley and is led by Jenny Smedley.


A young adult community who want to share their lives with each other, welcome new people and allow them to find a home in the church, pray and eat together, and to help people recognise their gifts and encourage them to serve the church body. 

Led by Sarah Onyon & Nadine Kay.


Extended families bringing on, building up, investing in, each other and those in our place.

John 1:14 - So the Word became human and made his home among us.

A new young adult focused multigenerational community. We meet together…

Led by Neill & Lorna Birchenall and Tim & Katie Armstrong.


Rooting out students in Christ.

We meet together every Tuesday.

Roots is a student community led by Maddie Morrison and Naomi Shipway


Sharrow is an open, family community in the heart of Sharrow.

We are a mix of people living life together through eating, local community building, toddler groups, cage football, street parties, worship and extended family time.

Sharrow is led by Toby & Hannah Butler and is based in Sharrow.

The Shire

A community who want to love and be part of the life of Shiregreen.  The name Shiregreen means ‘the growing kingdom’ and that’s what we want to see and be part of! 

The Shire is led by Charlotte & Robin Codina and Rachel & Sam Nunn and is based in Shiregreen.


Streetwise is an informal church service for people who are homeless and disadvantaged or not used to going to church. They meet every Sunday at 11am in the Training Centre on the Philadelphia campus. The service has great worship, simple teaching and testimonies.  

Streetwise is led by Danny Wilson.

this, that and the other

this, that and the other meet monthly for brunch and weekly evening small groups.

We aim to encourage and support each other wherever we live across the city.

this, that and the other is led by Rob & Bek Yip and is based around S12.