St Thomas' Church Philadelphia

Our Church

In many ways St Thomas’ Philadelphia is a unique church, with a vision to ‘call our city back to God’ through contemporary expressions of spirituality in innovative ways. In other respects, we draw upon many centuries of heritage as a Christian Church seeking to love and know God, walk-out life together and to love, serve and transform the people and places in which we live.

We’re passionate about the city of Sheffield and its surrounding areas. This is a city-wide church, drawing people from all across Sheffield and South Yorkshire. You are welcome to our 2 main Sunday gatherings with 100s of others in our large Philadelphia campus. We meet weekly to worship God passionately together as family, hear inspirational teaching and stories of people’s lives, and learn how to respond to God.
During the week our church exists all around the city in many communities where you can find friendship and belonging as we put our faith into action – perhaps around a common interest or the area you live in. There are loads of ways you can meet people of different age groups or interests, such as Youth, Young Adults, Students, or Families and lots of ways to serve the vulnerable in our city.
We believe the love of God is 100% relevant to 21st century life and challenges. Often we have public but informal courses/conferences to explore together issues like marriage, debt management, what it’s like to be men or women today, raising children and the Alpha Course to explore the meaning of life. 
St Thomas’ Philadelphia is a multi-denominational church. This means that over the past 25 years a Church of England, a Baptist and a Free/House church joined together (and quickly worked through any challenges!) so that today we represent the heritage of all 3 historic ways of church. We are led by Baptist pastors Nick & Marjorie Allan and our Anglican Mission Priest is Rev. Bob Hopkins. A team of volunteer leaders called Wardens form our Board which, with our church Council, oversee the operation and accountability of the church.
Come along and be part of the family at St Thomas’ Philadelphia. 
With best wishes
Nick & Marjorie