St Thomas' Church Philadelphia

The Big Ring!

23rd July 2012

Friday 27th July 7.30am, Philadelphia Campus, Gilpin street, Upperthorpe.

On Friday 27th the Olympic organising committee have asked all churches across the nation to ring their bells for three minutes non-stop to mark the start of the Olympic games. The idea is to welcome the different representatives of the many different nations into the UK on that day – what a sound it will be!

Some participating churches will not have rung their bells for many years and are dusting them off this week in preparation. This is an historic event as the last time the churches up and down the nation all rang their bells in unison was during the Second World War, at the request of Winston Churchill.

Many churches across the UK have seen the significance of this event and are calling their people to pray on that day. “We are praying for a spiritual awakening across this land, that this nation would turn back to God”. We at St Thomas Philadelphia do not have a traditional church bell (the church site is a campus of ware houses in Upperthorpe) but we are very much alive and well with hundreds of people from across Sheffield gathering on our campus on a daily basis. “People here have encountered a God who is alive and well and very much at work in our city – transforming lives, physically healing people, healing hearts.... We will be gathering on Friday to be part of the national “Big Ring” with any bell we can find – bicycle bells, school bells, mobile phones to let a sound go out over the city.

Marjorie Allan

Joint Senior Leader

News Current