St Thomas' Church Philadelphia

Network Church Sheffield (NCS) is one church in 3 different local bases across Sheffield. St Thomas’ Philadelphia is one of those. The others are King’s Centre and City:Base. Each reflects our diverse Anglican, Baptist and House Church heritage, and each draws people from all across Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

Our 3 bases are worship and resource centres for a large number of people. They facilitate our members towards lives focused ‘UP’ to God in worship and prayer, ‘IN’ to each other in community, and ‘OUT’ to the whole city of Sheffield through lives of love and service. As well as Sunday and centralised gatherings, many of our people belong in missional communities across the city, which are generally groups of between 6-30 people who find they have a similar heart or calling in life, perhaps to love and serve a particular neighbourhood or people group within our city.

Network Church Sheffield shares a common vision: ‘Calling our city back to God’. We share staff teams and resources, and frequently meet together. We believe God has called us to be united as one church in many locations and expressions, and that we’ll achieve much more together.


Network Church Sheffield is led by...


Revd. Peter Findley & Anne Findley  


The Church Bases...