St Thomas' Church Philadelphia

St Thomas’ Church Philadelphia has both paid and volunteer leaders. The paid staff team oversee the central running of the church and ministries and work closely with a significant team of volunteer leaders.

Most people’s first point of contact with our church might be through a community (we call them missional communities) which are led by a large number of volunteers. You can see many of these group leaders by clicking here.

Revd. Peter and Anne Findley

Peter and Anne have been married for 35 years, have three adult children and two grandchildren. They have a vision for the Kingdom of God, to see people come to faith, be empowered in their God-given calling and to see communities changed.

When they are not working, they enjoy walking, especially hills and mountains, relaxing with friends, and most kinds of games, and they are looking forward to exploring the Peak District!


Communities & Training Leadership Team 


Revd. Mike Rutter
Anglican Mission Priest

Karim & Azam Novi
Farsi Community Leaders

Sam Evans
Youth & Children

Andy Niblock
Restore Ministries


Andrew Buckley





Church Board of Trustees

Accountability is a high value for us so our paid leaders work in close conjunction with our church wardens who are mature Christians drawn from within the body that help shape vision and direction and hold our staff team accountable.


Church Council

The Church Council is a significant group. It is selected by and from our group of key leaders from across each of the three church bases. It represents the wider body of the church in shaping the church's vision, direction and action as well as offering accountability and support to our senior leaders. It meets 6 times a year for interactive discussion (3 times from a Philadelphia perspective and 3 times as a whole church), honest opinion and prayerful response to the many opportunities and challenges of our growing church.

Bek Yip Katie Hardy    Nick Fardon
Simon Oliver Tim Armstrong