St Thomas' Church Philadelphia

Giving to St Thomas' Church

As a church we are called to give, and give generously of our time, skills and money to see the kingdom advance in Sheffield and beyond. As individuals we are each called to play our part and respond to this challenge.

To help with our planning we would love you to complete a pledge form so we can budget more effectively. Click here to complete that.


Online Giving


Text Message Giving

Don't have your wallet with you? You can give small amounts through your mobile phone. You can give between £1 and £10. For example if you wanted to donate £10 you would text

PHLY13 £10

and send that message to


Sunday Offerings

Give by cash, cheque or credit card on Sundays. Use the payment slips and giving envelopes located on the pillars.

Standing Orders

This automatically sends an amount you specify from your bank account to the church’s, on a chosen date each month or quarter. You can alter the amount by notifying your own bank.

Numbered Envelope Scheme

If you have an irregular income, or want to save time in completing a gift aid form each week, you can sign up for this scheme. You will receive envelopes with a unique number which the finance team will be able to link to you.

Gift Aid

If you pay tax, we can claim back the tax you paid. This is worth a minimum of 25p for every £1 you give! You can cancel at any time, HMRC accept it retrospectively and one declaration can be used for all future giving to Philadelphia.


‘Freely you have received, freely give.’ (Matt.10:8)
Jesus taught us to give generously out of gratitude for all that God has already given us. Whether big or small in the world’s eyes, it matters to God that we respond in faith and trust by holding all our resources lightly, and giving back to God a proportion to say thank-you.

What does the Bible teach on giving?

  • All ‘our’ money belongs to God (Deut 10:14, Ps 24:1)
  • A tithe (e.g. 10%) of all income goes to the church (temple). We don’t control it as our personal disposable income (See below)
  • We give further regular offerings to church to say thank-you to God, and elsewhere to support the poor, needy and Kingdom work. (Ps 50:23, Prov 28:27, Luke 14:13)
  • If we obey the Lord in this, He will pour out blessing on us. (Matt. 6:304, Luke 6: 37,38, 2 Corr 9:6-11)

What about tithing?

Tithing is an action endorsed by Jesus, and while we don’t believe that it is obligatory for Christians to tithe, we do believe that it is a good principle to base one’s giving and wider financial affairs upon. God instructs us to demonstrate that He, not money, is our master by our bringing a tithe (i.e. the first 10% of our income) to our place of worship. 10% is not obligatory, but a helpful starting point to build from.

What is the Tithe?

  • A portion holy to the LORD (Proverbs 3:9,10; Matt 6:33; Rom 11:16)
  • A part of the covenant of faith Genesis 14:18-20; Matt 23:23
  • A test from the Lord Luke 12:42-44; 16:11
  • A key to Heaven’s storehouses Malachi 3:6-1
Tithing can seem a big ask, but fundamentally it is an issue of faith: do we trust God to be true to His unambiguous word (Malachi 3:8-12) that He will provide for us? Interestingly the only place where we are invited to test God is on the matter of tithing – so this year, why not take Him at His word, get tithing, and see how He responds?!
In return, the church leadership commit to proper stewardship of all the church’s income. We have annual audited accounts and open accountability about where and why money is spent. We also give away 10% of our church income to the work of mission in the UK and overseas.

A matter of attitude

God invites us to give generously and cheerfully over and above the tithe (e.g. 2 Corinthians 9: 6-15) as part of our Kingdom-extending activities. God gives each of us personal choice and responsibility in choosing what to give to – we’re simply called to do so graciously and not grudgingly!
We give because we’re thankful to God, because we wish to praise Him, because we respond to a vision, because our hearts are touched by a need, or because we want to bless someone.
So this year give to church, to para-church agencies, to individuals – wherever and whenever God leads, in gratitude to Him, because He is good!