St Thomas' Church Philadelphia


In St Thomas' Church Philadelphia,  we believe real community is an essential building block of the church. Communities are also a place where together we can bless and serve our city. It’s a place where we can be known, supported and challenged to go deeper in our relationship with each other and to grow as disciples of Jesus.

We believe that church isn’t just about ‘consuming’ a service every Sunday, but about living out a genuine faith amongst ordinary people both inside and outside the church – we can’t live it alone!

We believe real community is a great way for individuals to get to know people within the church, and is the best forum for ongoing discipleship and personal growth. It also provides real opportunity to live out or discover our God-given calling and to engage in mission to our city.

The following pages explain in more detail about Missional Communities within St Thomas Church Philadelphia and how you can get involved. If you have any queries you can email